Buy and Sell of Crones in Exchange Market

How to sell Crones?

1. Go to your treasury Inventory and send crones from your inventory to your treasury.

2. Transfer the your crones from treasury to Exchange Market

2. Login in, exit the reward section then click Exchange Market and select Crones. You can view your crones by clicking My Crones on the left side menu.

3. Enter the amount of crones you want to sell and the amount of  RPs/XRPs and click Sell Crones button.  Click the OK button from the confirmation pop up.

4. Your crones for sale will be shown below 


How to buy crones in Exchange Market?

1. Go to Exchange Market and click the Crones sub menu.


2. Look for the crones you want to buy and click the Buy button and if you are sure you want to buy it, click the OK button from the conformation popup.

3. Login in game and go to your Treasury and transfer the Crones who've bought from Exchange Market.