Free +2 Upgrade to your existing item's upgrade

What is Free +2 Upgrade to your existing item's upgrade?

     This is a freebie to all account that will add +2 to player's selected last weapon and armor. Much better to use this freebie to your +16 items to have an instant +18  items. An item can be upgraded using this freebie once only. For security reason, items upgraded using this freebie cannot be sent to Exchange Market.

How to get the free +2 Upgrade?

     Login your account in and skip the reward section. Look for Special Services and select Free +2 Upgrade and select the item you want to upgrade. Make sure your item is on your character's inventory and your character is not online ingame.

Q1. Ang upgrade ng Muitaks ko ay +14 then inupgrade ko gamit ang free + 2 freebie, ilan na ang upgrade ng Muitaks ko?
A1. Basic na 14 + 2 = 16. Therfore + 16 ang Upgrade ng muitaks mo.

Q2. Ginamit ko ang freebie at naging +18 na ang Fena weapon ko then inupgrade ko ito kay tamir ngunit nag failed at nag back to 0 (zero) ang upgrade nito. Pwede ko ba ulet i upgrade ito gamit ang freebie?
A2. Hindi mo na malalagyan ng +2 upgrade from freebie ang Fena weapon mo kc once lang pwede lagyan ng +2 upgrade ang isang weapon.

Q3. Pwede ko ba ipasa sa ibang account ang weapon ko na +18 para malagyan ulet ng +2 para maging +20?
A3. Hindi ito pwede kc hindi na sya malalagyan ng +2 dahil isang beses lang pwede lagyan ng +2 from freebie ang item.

Q4. Merong lumabas na "Error: The items from bug rps user cannot be upgraded."Ano ang ibig sanihin nito? at paano ito maayos?
A4. If my lumbas na ganitong error ibig sanihin ang item mo ay galing sa players na gumamit ng bug RPS. Pwede lamang ito ma lagyan ng + 2 freebie kung sa staring na lumabas ang error ay ipa back to 0 (zero) ang upgrade nag weapon then need mo i upgrade ulet ito.

If your have other questions and concerns, pls message our GM