Guides on the events will be shown here

ROHAN Rally Dec. 01 - 30 2019

1. Register your character in our rally page. Login your account at Exit the reward page and click the Rally menu button.

2. Select the character you want to do rally ingame and click Register button.

3. Rally status page will show after you register your character in the rally. By default, rally status in on "Not yes started" and to change it to "In Progress" status, you need to re-login your character in game.

4. After re-login of your character ingame, click the "Click to start rally" button to start the counting of your time. Make sure to do this step every day because the system will not count your rally time if the rally status is not yet started.

5. You can now start your rally in game. The system will calculate your rally time every 5 to 10 minutes. Just refresh the rally page to check your rally status.

6. You can also buy your rally using RPS by clicking the "Buy to complete" button.




 1. Make sure to re-login your account on the next day of the rally to make sure na mag "In progress" and status ng rally mo.
2. Monitor your rally status time to time in our rally page to make sure na na compete mo na rally mo bago mag logout in game.

3. Rewards may be changed at any time without further notice. Only level 100 and above characters can received the "30 Days" rewards. 

2019 Halloween Event

1. Look for NPC Sarina located at Hazy Ravine (G,3) and get the Event Quest

2. Collect 100 pcs Event Red Gems by killing monsters located at Kallistia Map.

3. Get the reward Pumpkin Lantern and the GM will change it to Desert Guard Costume set (3Days)



You can repeat the quest until Nov 1, 2019
You can also get the Event Red Gems ang Desert Guard Costume parts by killing boss monster located in R1, R2 and R3.
Please download the latest minipatch file and extract it to your rohan folder to avoid  error.


Crimson Chaser's Event

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6PM

1. At 6PM, one Boss Monster will be summed near each town portals of Einhoren, Kainon, Vena, Etton and Montt.
2. Kill the boss monsters and get the following random drops:
   1pc Premium Preservation Stone
   1pc Sealed Hunter Kit 8hrs
   1pc Sealed Gift of Ikarott
   1pc Sealed Gift of Handrian
   1pc Sealed Gift of Narvik
   1pc Sealed Scalp of Burgeon
   1pc 10M crones

Boss monsters will be summoned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm.
Don't Double Click the Sealed items if hindi pa ito kailangan para hindi mag start ang counting ng time for expiration.CRIMSON CHASER'S is 3 days only kaya dapat macomplete muna ang set bago ito gamitin.
Drops are random. Ibig sabihin nito na hindi lahat ng items ay mag ddrop agad sa isang boss monster. Complete all Sealed Gift and Scalp para maboo ang Crimson Chaser's set

BTA Box Summoning Event


     4 sets of BTA Box will be summoned every end of server maintenance (Wednesday) near Friah Village Portal and there are 5 BTA Boxes per set at need ng Key para ma open ang mga boxes.
Step 1 Key
Step 2 Key
Step 3 Key
Step 4 Key
Step 5 Key

Each key can be obtained randomly from Boss Blood Tyrant Located at Ahkma Cave. Each BTA box will summon a Clone boss monster na nag ddrop din ng Key. If you open BTA 1 Box at na killl mo ang boss nito ay mag ddrop ito ng Step 2 Key. 

Main reward is Twin Sister Accessory na pagbinukasan ay magkakaroon ka ng random items:

Perfume Key (90% chance)
Hunter Kit 8hrs (80% chance)
Perfected Stone (70% chance)
Improved Warriors Ring (60% chance)
Phoenix Green Feather (40% chance)
Phoenix Grey Feather (40% chance)
Phoenix Stone (30% chance)
Sword of Desparted Spirit (20% chance)
Flame Gem Fragment (10% chance)

Twin sister accessory can be obtained by killing the boss monster from BTA 5 Box.

Every Maintenance, madedelete ang mga nakuhang Keys and need to start to hut Keys again.

If you have question just message our GM. Maraming Salamat po