MAREA Server


  • Classic and  balance game play. No IMBA items.
  • Daily Rewards
  • Level Up Rewards
  • Quest System


Classic and  balance game play. No IMBA items.

Available Characters: 

  • Dhan
  • Dekan
  • Human
  • Elf
  • Half Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Giant


Township Battles

2 Area, 20 participants per guild, 3 towers per area


Max accessories are from boss monsters' drop
Available Boss monsters with good drop are from R3, R4 and fire temple (KASA)

Max weapon type :

  • Muitak's Darkness
  • Lewis' Maingauche
  • Fenatti's Ray
  • Etc.

Max Armor set is Bedron

Max Damage Drop that can be obtained from forging is 41% (using perfected option stones)

No Crafting

No Glacial set



  • Forging : 95% success rate
  • Weapon and Armor Upgrade: +1 to +5 = 100% success rate, +6 to +30 = 95% to 1% success rate
  • Exp and drop rate: 10 X the rate of the previous (Level Up)


Daily Rewards

 Get random daily rewards every 2 hours


Level Up Rewards
Get extra reward from your leveling 


Quest System

Catch fishes and exchange them into good item. Quest can be done once a day or per week. Busy players can buy the quest to catch up with other players